Shooting with Tanya

Why Tanya?

As the mother of a former child actor, I’ve commissioned countless headshot sessions. Some have been successful, some not so much (and some turned into an extremely unpleasant experience overall).

Over the past 10 years, my daughter and I have worked with some of New York’s most reputed photographers – with varying degrees of success. The good headshots led to a steady stream of auditions and bookings. But there were also sessions that didn’t get results and left agents unhappy. Too old, too young, too retouched, not relatable enough, not energetic or real enough – if the headshot doesn’t make the right impression, it doesn’t get an audition, period.

Headshots are the single most important factor in a casting director’s initial selection-making process. I get it. I’ve been there. And now I know what works.

What do I have that other photographers don’t?

1. A decade of experience in your shoes

The light, the background, the wardrobe, the makeup and hair, the colors in post-production, the retouching – they’re all vitally important to creating the right impression. It requires superior attention to detail and a full understanding of the process to be able to achieve the kind of results that are effective.

After 10 years of hiring professional photographers and receiving agents’ feedback on their work, I know what works and what doesn’t in headshot photography. It’s tough trying to make it in the business but I’ve already been there and done that with my daughter. Now you can get the benefit of my experience.

2. Broad design and image editing background

Before I became a photographer, I was a graphic and set designer. So, I’m extremely well-versed in:

  • How to present an image in the best light
  • How to lay it out and frame it
  • How to set the scene and tell a story in an instant

3. A mother’s patience and empathy

Whether you’ve had previous bad experience or you’re afraid to make a significant investment in case it doesn’t get you the results you want, let’s have a chat about it. I’ve worked with some of the most camera-shy professionals around and I understand your reservations because my daughter and I have been there too.

What to expect from a shoot with me?
  • An initial phone consultation to discuss your needs and goals
  • A zoom meeting, if needed, to discuss our approach to your session
  • Personalized advice to help you you understand your type and prepare for your session
  • A patient, friendly and understanding demeanor
  • Top of the line equipment and professional set up, from lighting and cameras to post-production process
  • Your private online gallery of images from our session secured with the password-protected login, available to clients for 30 days post-shoot
  • Retouched images included with your choice of package
  • Additional retouched images available for purchased a-la-carte
  • Professional certified makeup artist services on set
  • Industry advice to help you make the most out of your new headshots 

I live and breathe the entertainment business, knowing all too well how a headshot can create or break a perfect opportunity. So, what gets me up in the morning? Capturing images that are both engaging for the viewer and true to the individual.

While you might be understandably nervous, I promise you I’m not. I make the photoshoot experience pleasant and easy, with results that are guaranteed to work in your favor.

Contact me and let’s talk to see if we’re a good fit.


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