Hey Stranger™ Project


Hey Stranger: Reconnecting with the You You Used To Know (and Still Are)

Ever look in the mirror and see a stranger staring back? Not a complete stranger, mind you. The eyes might hold the same spark, the smile might echo a familiar warmth. But there’s a disconnect, a dissonance – a sense of “who is this person and what happened to the me I used to know?”

Life has a way of doing that, doesn’t it? It sweeps us up in its whirlwind of responsibilities, commitments, and the ever-present need to take care of everyone else. We become masters of the juggle, the experts at putting everyone else’s needs before our own. Years melt away, and suddenly, the reflection staring back is a map of those well-lived years, a testament to countless sacrifices and unwavering selflessness.

But somewhere along the way, a stranger took root. The vibrant, energetic, joy-filled younger you – the one with dreams in their eyes and a skip in their step – became a distant memory.

Our Hey Stranger™ project is about bridging that gap.

It’s about reminding you that the stranger in the mirror isn’t a stranger at all. It’s the vibrant core of who you’ve always been, masked by the layers of life. It’s about rediscovering that spark, that fire within, and recognizing that it’s never truly gone away.

Here, at Hey Stranger, we believe that self-discovery is a lifelong journey. We believe in reclaiming the lost pieces of ourselves, in nurturing the neglected parts of our souls. We believe in self-acceptance, in celebrating the tapestry of our lives, both the joys and the wrinkles.

Are you ready to say hello to the stranger again? Are you ready to reconnect with the younger you, the one who still bubbles with life and dreams? 

Are you looking to get back into the world of dating, and want to put that beautiful stranger in touch with a human that are most likely to become your soulmate? 

Then, take my hand, and allow me to lead you on this journey of rediscovery. Let’s dust off the forgotten parts of ourselves and step back into the light.

Hey Stranger, it’s good to see you again!


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