A ‘look’ is a carefully composed (designed) combination of wardrobe, makeup and hair, plus sometimes a change of background and lighting. Contrary to some headshot photographers’ claims, slight variations, such as adding or removing a jacket or glasses does not constitute a different look. Time permitting, during your shoot we will be experimenting with adding/changing some of the wardrobe details within the same look for an even larger variety of images.

The ability to choose from a variety of packages allows for maximum flexibility in tailoring our shoot to your specific needs and goals.

-If you’re unsure of what package is best for you, feel free to use the following recommendations as a guide. Should you have additional questions after reading the article, feel free to reach out to me and I will be happy to help you choose the best option.

– If you’re new to the business and are just starting out, ask yourself where do your interests lie? Is it theater? Film and TV? Commercials? If it’s all of the above, you need to choose one of the larger, 3 or more looks, packages to include both theatrical and commercial headshots.

– If you already have a fairly recent set of headshots and you want to show another side of you that is consistent with the type of roles you have been recently auditioning for, one look may be all that you need.

– If you are a high school junior or senior and you are working on creating your complete college audition profile, two looks will definitely serve your needs.

– As a recent college graduate you will need a 2 or 3 look package. I suggest that you choose to include both theatrical and commercial headshots that will allow you to audition for a wider range of projects. 

– If you are currently in search of representation, check the requirements listed by the agency in their submission info and go with what is asked of you. In most cases you will be asked to submit one headshot accompanied by your resume and information. Therefore, one look package will suit you best.
I would advise you against purchasing additional looks, because your new agency or management company may have a very specific set of headshot preferences they will want you to follow once you are signed by them. So naturally, instead of spending extra on additional looks now, save that money so you can invest it in the headshots that your agency will want for you. That is when you will get additional headshots taken.

– For a child or teen actor I would recommend to go with 2 or 3 looks and curb the urge to choose the largest package available. While starting out as a child actor is exciting, remember that children grow up and change fast, which means constant need in updated headshots. On average, your child actor’s headshots will be updated once a year, so choosing to spend a large sum on headshots that won’t look like them soon enough is rather counter- productive.

The difference between a commercial and a theatrical (often also called ‘legit’) headshot lies in their purpose. As their names suggest, theatrical headshots are used for television, film and theater roles, while acting for commercials requires a commercial style headshot.

There are a few main characteristics that signify each style. Both are based on the actor’s type, however, theatrical headshots always need to adhere to projecting authenticity and emotional depth, while commercial headshots are more about likeability and charisma. Therefore, traditionally, a happy and energetic smile in combination with a bright-colored wardrobe selection is considered a golden standard for commercial headshots. Legit headshots, on the other hand, often enlist subdued, dark and neutral color outfits to help set the mood for the character’s story and to avoid competing for attention with the star of the headshot – you. That said, a small bright wardrobe detail or a colored background can be a welcomed addition if used properly.

It is worth noting that because of the nature of musical theater, requiring a high level of energy on stage, commercial style headshots work equally well for musical
theater performers.

The length of your headshot session depends on the number of looks we will be shooting. We are going to spend roughly an hour on your first look as makeup, hair and wardrobe selection require time. Each subsequent look should take about 30 minutes, unless it calls for a significant change in hair and makeup, change in location, etc. That said, I do not believe in strict time limits when it comes to my sessions. Each session is uniquely tailored to your goals, and if we need to spend more time in order to achieve them, that is what we will do!
In my books, there is nothing more boring or unappetizing than obviously mediocre headshots. They scream lack of professionalism on the part of all involved, actor and photographer alike. I make sure that together we create headshots that get noticed – for the right reasons. There will always be something in them that attracts the agent’s and casting director’s eye. How do we achieve that? We take into consideration all current market requirements and add our own spin on them in the form of dynamic composition, dramatic contrast, interesting color combination and lighting that compliments your best features and completes the look.
I want you to understand that instead of having a passive client–service provider relationship, we will interact on a completely different level. You have to look at our session as a collaboration between two creative artists combining their talents to tell a truthful, compelling story. Everybody’s story is different, which is why each session is different too. There will be no scripted sort of conversations or ‘do as I say’ orders. With every client we may try different things, find different ways to make you laugh, or go down your memory lane to get you into character, talk about different subjects and play different music. It comes down to what makes you comfortable. It’s all about your comfort, your trust and your openness to me, and through me, to the camera. Both of us must be equally invested in the process in order to bring out the real you and what makes you unique, so be prepared to work hard and have fun doing it.
In one word – yes!  Your new headshots are a business investment, so taking your session seriously and coming in fully prepared just makes sense. Read all about it here , in my article ‘Preparing For Your Photoshoot’


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